School Council

School Council

Our Next School Council Meeting is set for Monday, December 2nd, 2019 at 6:30 PM.


Meeting Minutes September 16, 2019


The mission of the school council is to work with the school community to provide a quality education in a caring environment.


  • The objectives of the council, in keeping with the School Act and the School Councils Regulation are as follows:
  • To provide advice (input) to the staff and principal on issues of importance such as school philosophy, mission and vision; school policies, yearly calendar; programs and directions.
  • To stimulate continuous improvement in meaningful involvement by all the members of the school community.
  • To facilitate collaboration among all the concerned participants of the school community. To support an approach to schooling in which decisions are made collaboratively and wherever possible at the school and classroom level.
  • To facilitate a formal performance evaluation of our school council and to communicate the results of this evaluation to the school community.
  • To keep the school board informed, in cooperation with the principal, of the needs of the school.

To assist in coordinating projects and activities in the school, which may at times include fund raising.


The membership of the School Council shall consist of the following:

  • Parents of students enrolled in Bluffton School
  • The Principal of Bluffton School
  • A teacher representative of Bluffton School   
  • A member at large from within the Bluffton community